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A month of Stuff - Day 2 (sorry so late)
My first love in great detail...

Well, let's see, little girl crushes aside (because I think I was in love with Donnie Whalberg since adolescence.) my first love is not an experience I like to remember. I still have nightmares about that relationship in a very serious way. So we'll avoid the first love to preserve my sanity and move on to the second boy I loved in my life.

My second relationship with a guy was with Dave, a boy that had apparently had a crush on me back in grade 5 and had never come to tell me about it until we were starting grade 11. I was so flattered that someone could hold on to a crush for so long that I was swept off my feet. We spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and just having as much fun as we possibly could. Dave was very outdoorsy and liked to get out a lot. We spent time with his family who were really great and generally just tried to be teenagers. I guess that's what I liked about him. He didn't expect too much of me nor I of him. I appreciated his down to earth personality. He was raised right and treated me well.

And then we spent a summer mostly apart when I was working on the base with the cadet movement. I guess we grew apart or he got to be interested in other people, I don't really have an explanation for it but he broke up with me when we started grade 12. I spent a few months heartbroken and trying to find myself. I don't think I realized how much I had lost myself in the relationship. When November rolled around we started hanging around again and one rainy night everyone decided they wanted to go for a drive. So we all divided up into the three cars that were there and took a ride around some very windy roads. Two of our cars wound up in an accident together. A pretty bad one. Anyway, the shock of that must have brought us back together because we told each other we loved each other driving home from the accident and we were together for the rest of the school year. I really don't know if he did that just because we were in the accident or not. But we did have a lot of fun for the remainder of the year. I grew to trust him with my heart and soul. But like most high school relationships ours had to end. We were both going on in different directions. He doesn't really keep in touch any more. But I do know that he is happily married with a few kids. I'm very glad he's happy and still cherish the time we did spend together. Not everyone can say they had as much fun as we did throughout our relationship.

And that was a summary of my second love. That will have to do.


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