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Up with a teething baby
Poor little Alexander seems to be getting all of his teeth at once. He's ten months old now and has only recently had the two bottom teeth poke through his sore little gums. And when you look into his mouth (or when I let him chew on my finger) you can tell that he's got all of them ready to break through the surface. So the poor little guy woke from a deep sleep tonight crying and chewing on his little fingers. Alas, I had to go and get him and now he is happily chewing on a cool teething ring after a dose of infant tylenol. I truly hope he finds a way to get back to sleep. Or I will be one tired mama by the morning.

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ugh. Poor baby. Poor Mama! I hope you managed to get some rest.

A little bit of mama's love went a long way. He dozed off in my arms and I got him settled away in about an hour and a half. Not as bad as some nights. :)

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