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A month of Stuff - Day 1
Okay, so totally going to steal this list from Jellyjen, because I have no idea whether or not I will be able to come up with anything to write on my own. So at the least, this gives it enough stuff to actually call it a Journal.

So day 1 requires an introduction. It's funny but the first thing I want to do is write about my husband and kids not myself. Because they are such a big part of who I am. I suppose because this is my journal I shall start with myself. My name is Malinda Dawn. I was born a Drover but am now a Little. Married life seems to suit me just fine. I had my first child when I was 21 which at the time may have seemed too early in my life but in retrospect I was not doing anything useful with my life at the time so I might as well have dove right into something worthwhile. And my children have generally become and extension of myself and are definitely worthwhile.

We live in a small town in Newfoundland. I grew up mainly in different parts in Nova Scotia but have lived a few other places based on the fact that my father was a military man. I married a man who had stayed in one place all his life so I guess we sort of balance each other out that way. I am a person who perpetually, indefinitely hates to be alone. I love to be surrounded by good people. After having kids I sort of got a little isolated and started experiencing some depression and anxiety. But generally I am a positive person. I enjoy and am drawn to optimism.

I am creative. I don't really have a direction when it comes to a career (unless motherhood counts.) I sort of describe myself as the woman with the many hats. Due to the fact that I have tried so many jobs. My latest job has been at Wal Mart. I started out in the photo lab developing pictures and providing customer service. I liked it but the chemicals in there made me think I should maybe switch to a different department while I was pregnant with our third child. So I have also worked on the front cash there and the door as a greeter. The jobs I have done there do seem pretty mundane. And they are. But since I have been there I have gotten involved in some of the fund raising that they do for local charities and that has helped me nurture the creative side that has been neglected for so many years. It doesn't hurt that I like to know that I am helping other people. The people that know me the best know that I would probably take the shirt off my back and give it to someone if I thought they needed it. I am learning slowly in my life that I need to look after myself a little better before I can be there for other people. A hard lesson for the nurturing side of me.

I feel like life is a limitless bounty of lessons. If you never stop learning you will never stop growing. People have their own distinct personalities and the differences between them is what I feel makes this world a beautiful place. I wish that people would embrace each others differences. Accepting people as they are and not as they could be is the best thing anyone could do for themselves and for everyone else they come across. If you haven't found someone who will accept you as the wonderfully unique person that you are, keep looking and don't give up until you do. At the least, let that be yourself.

Day 01 - Introduction
Day 02 – Your first love, in great detail
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This meme is a lot of work! But I'm glad you are going to do it, it will be a fun glimpse into your world. :)

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