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Stuff about stuff - Day 3
My parents in great detail.

Well, I'll start with my Dad, whom I love dearly and who has been the sole person in my life from the very beginning. (Barring the time he traveled when he was in the military.)

He was born in Sydney, NS. He grew up with five brothers and sisters all of whom he is fairly close to. He loved to impersonate Elvis and sing. He was in Cadets growing up just like I was. He met my biological mother at the age of 18, joined the military and got married after which my sister Jeanette was born followed two years apart by myself and my brother Jonathan. When I was about 5 years old for reasons, we the children cannot explain, the two divorced and my brother and I went with my father to Greenwood, NS to start our new life there. I know that there has always been a hole in my Dad's heart for the daughter that he had to leave behind. For years he always sang "Ballerina Girl" by Lionel Richie. For years I thought he was singing about me but later came to find out that that song always reminded him of Jeanette. I wasn't offended. I know that he loves me with every fiber of his being. I get a lot of my personality from my dad. The way he likes to joke away tough situations (as much as that drives my husband nuts.) It always drove me crazy growing up too. You'd be frustrated or angry about something and he would crack a joke. Or be silly. Life has had it's ups and downs, for me as an individual and for my family. But he has always been there for me and I know he always will. The day he walked me down the aisle he told my husband to be to "Take good care of my daughter... or I'll have to take you fishing." For those people who don't realize, that's code for "If you every hurt her you'll find yourself at the bottom of the lake in cement boots." And that sort of sums up my Dad.

My Dad met my mom after we moved back to NS. She was his best friend from high school and was living in Sydney with her daughter Amanda who was one year younger than me. I remember when he told us he was going on a date. I straightened his tie, told him to make sure to bring her flowers and open the doors for her. I guess all I wanted to see was him happy again. And she really seems to be his soul mate. When they got married we all walked down the aisle together and when we were supposed to sit down we didn't. Much to the hilarity of the pastor, he married us all as a family. My mom took me in and cared for me as if I was her own. I won't say everything was always perfect. Our blended family had it's problems here and there.She is an inspiration to me. Through everything she had useful advice and a lot of hugs and support. She encouraged me to do the things that made me happy and still does to this day. She was there for me when I had Joshua and later when I got married and had my other two children. She is intelligent and loving. I couldn't have asked for a better mother.

And that sums up my parents in as much detail as I can give.

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I am very glad you had such a stable and loving household, in spite of it all.

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